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Years ago,   handicapping a horse race was difficult for many reasons.   NOT NOW!.  

A Standardbred trotting in full stride is a natural work of art.

Few things are more beautiful.

In the past,  Past Performance Programs displayed only a minimum amount of information. A handicapper may have studied the program for hours,  simply looking for a reason to discount three or four entries and then select from whatever entries remained.   Since Past Performance Programs were only available on the morning of the race,  few handicappers were able to do their homework.   Most bettors never viewed a program until they arrived at the track and handicapping had to be accomplished between races.

On the brighter side,   there is a solution.   Technology is the key.  Perfect Trip is the answer.   You must fight fire with fire.   The only way to survive in this wonderful age of electronics,  is to use electronics.    Software has a tremendous advantage over manual handicapping methods.   Mainly speed and accuracy.   More importantly,   software allows you to handicap 'without predjudice'.    By 'without predjudice'  I mean that the ability of a horse cannot be influenced by either the driver,  trainer,  morning line,  real time odds,  earnings,   sire,   or in some cases the 'guy next to you'.

Although the driver and trainer are very important factors, and should be considered, they should never be the determining factor in your selection.

To accurately analyze all of the available data manually is virtually impossible.   As a result,  you may again be influenced by the consensus.   That being the case,  hitting long shots may be few and far between.  It is near impossible to maintain a winning Return on Investment(ROI) while betting the favorite.

One of the most important factors that determines a handicappers success is 'betting'.    You can be a great handicapper,  but if you don't know how to bet or what to bet or lack betting discipline, it is extremely difficult to be successful.    Professional handicappers maintain a 'Betting Profile' displaying results based on several different types of Exactas,  Trifectas and Superfectas.    This is a lot of painstaking work.   Most bettors don't have the time to do this.  

No Problem! Perfect Trip Professional does it for you! (See Profile tab)

Perfect Trip Betting Profile is automatically updated.    Results and Payoffs are automatically input into the database, and the Betting Profile. The Betting Profile maintains a Win Place Show record as well as five Exacta combinations, three Trifecta combinations and three Superfecta combinations. This important profile displays Win Amounts, Bet Amounts, Profit/Loss based on $12.00 bets, a ROI percentage, and a Track Profile that displays Winning Percentage at each track that you have played.

Exotic Betting has made horse racing more exciting and much more profitable.   However, it takes more of your time to determine which betting combinations are most profitable for your style of handicapping.

Perfect Trip Professional has the ability to select and print out Pick 3-4-5-6-10's that determine key selections. Additionally, Perfect Trip Professional selects the potential winner and the next FOUR contenders. This allows Hi 5 or Pentafecta betting. Other added features include Driver Rating List, Entries List, Condensed Past Performance Print out. All of these features plus a 40% + Win percentage. One of Perfect Trip Professional Top 4 will WIN 79% of the time!

With  Perfect Trip,  you will have that time.   Perfect Trip  does it all in  seconds.   

Select the  Video  tab located in the Navigation Bar and watch Perfect Trip  in action.