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Presents "Perfect Trip Thoroughbred PRO"

Created by MRO Software Winner of the TrackMaster Software Development Challenge for Harness Racing!

Introducing!..... Perfect Trip Thoroughbred PRO

. available for this special introductory price of $59.95 Free S&H...

Racing Season is just around the corner somewhere in the USA or Canada.

Perfect Trip Professional (Harness) was so well received, many of my loyal customers have asked for a thoroughbred version. Thank you all.

Handicap like a pro in minutes.

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Years ago,   handicapping a horse race was difficult for many reasons.   NOT NOW!.  

Thoroughbred racing - Truly termed

"The Sport of Kings"

Harness Racing program allows 15-20 minutes between races while Thoroughbred allows 30 minutes. How is it possible to handicap as many as 20 horses in 30 minutes? It's not possible! Not with the tons of information available to the handicapper. I remember when I first became interested in handicapping. An older vet told me that the first rule of handicapping is: "For the trotters handicap the horse, with the flats, go with the driver." All due respect the my old friend. Not today!

Although the driver and trainer are very important factors, and should be considered, they should never be the determining factor in your selection.

Today a handicapper needs a computer. Years ago, you simply handicapped the track that you physically went to. If you didn't go, you didn't play unless you went to a bookie. Today, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Today you could live in North Dakota or Alaska or Europe and enjoy a Day at the Track.

To accurately analyze all of the available data manually is virtually impossible.   As a result,  you may again be influenced by the consensus.   That being the case,  hitting long shots may be few and far between.  It is near impossible to maintain a winning Return on Investment(ROI) while betting the favorite.

Perfect Trip Thoroughbred PRO maintains a Betting Profile that automatically updates. Results and Payoffs are automatically input into the database, and the Betting Profile. The Betting Profile maintains a Win Place Show record as well as five Exacta combinations, three Trifecta combinations and three Superfecta combinations.

This important profile displays Win Amounts, Bet Amounts, Profit/Loss based on $12.00 bets, a ROI percentage, and a Track Profile that displays Winning Percentage at each track that you have played.

Exotic Betting has made horse racing more exciting and much more profitable.   However, it takes more of your time to determine which betting combinations are most profitable for your style of handicapping. Perfect Trip Professional has the ability to select and print out Pick 3-4-5-6's that determine key selections. Additionally, Perfect Trip Professional selects the potential winner and the next FOUR contenders. This allows Hi 5 or Pentafecta betting. Other added features include Driver Rating List, Entries List, Condensed Past Performance Print out. All of these features plus a Win percentage.

With  Perfect Trip,  you will have that time.   Perfect Trip Thoroughbred PRO  does it all in  seconds.   

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